What Is So Offensive In The ‘Selmon Bhoi’ Mobile Game? Read To Know.

The city civil court has ordered a temporary ban on the online mobile game Selmon Bhoi, based on actor Salman Khan’s 2002 hit and run case. The court also ordered the game maker and Google LLC to immediately remove all content related to the game from the Google Play Store. An additional session was held on Monday on Salman’s claim in court last month. The hearing was held before KM Jaiswal. Any text related to or similar to Salman’s game was created by Parody Studio Pvt. Ltd. And the court has also issued restraining orders that its directors should not be screened or re-screened.


An investigation into this online game reveals facts and similarities in Salman’s complaint. The hit and run case and the game are mediocre, the court ruled. If Salman is not allowed to install and create this game and use his name and this case is against him. So his right to privacy is being violated, and his image is being tarnished, the observation court noted. The court ruled that the developers used Salman’s name only for commercial gain.

Salman Khan in Selmon Bhoi

Salman has alleged that the game was created by introducing Salman’s name as Salman Bhai, removing the caricature-like him, and referring to the hit and run. It was argued in court that the game was made without Salman’s permission for financial gain. The court has directed Salman to make a written statement on the issues raised. The next hearing is scheduled for September 20. The High Court acquitted him in 2015.

Salman Khan caricature in Selmon Bhoi mobile game

What was Salman Khan’s hit-and-run case? This incident had taken place in the year 2002. The later trial had been done. In the year 2014, the Mumbai court sentenced Salman Khan to five years in jail imprisonment. In this hit and -run case Salman Khan was alleged to kill a man and injuring others. Though in 2015 Salman Khan’s driver gave a new turn to the case.

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