No matter what relationship you’re in, it’s difficult to put a finger on the type of girlfriend you really are, unless your boyfriend tells you. Which, let’s be honest, is very doubtful.

So until then, you can read your Zodiac’s opinion on it!

Aries: The straight-forward, adventurous, space-giver.

You’re the girlfriend every guy wants and the girl every girl hopes to be in a relationship. You’ll make spontaneous plans, love with so much passion but you love your freedom and believe in an independent life out of the relationship.
You bring your no-bullshit policy everywhere you go and in every situation. From your work to your dating life, everyone is attracted to you because of your straight-forward honesty.

Taurus: The rational, dependable, in for the long haul

Your practical nature reflects your dating habits. Your risk-free attitude never allows you to mess with the wrong people and end up in toxic relationships.
You don’t do anything halfheartedly, especially a relationship. You’re all about the commitment. You’re the pillar of the relationship and you love spoiling your partner.

Gemini: The adventuresome, unpredictable extreme

You hate a boring, standard relationship. You want spice and most times, you’re the one to bring it. You’re also really extreme in terms of your mood. You are very fun to date as you have crazy date ideas that no one else can come up with.

Cancer: The intriguing, guarded, non-confrontational

You’re not the person who’ll give away her life history in one date. You’ve built strong walls around you and your boyfriend’s job is to lower those walls one day at a time.
You also hate confrontation, it messes with your calm exterior and you hate that. You need someone you can come home to.

Leo: The loyal, star of the show attention-seeker

You are fiercely loyal, you don’t approve of cheating and will never forgive it either. You demand lots of attention from your partner and why shouldn’t you? You anyway shower him with lots of love. You thrive on compliments and praise, especially from him.
You are also a real star and you aren’t afraid to show it. This magnetic disposition of yours makes people quickly fall for you.

Virgo: The nagging, devoted martyr

You’re critical of not only yourself but even your partner. It doesn’t come from a bad place but from a concerned corner. But once in a serious relationship, you’re absolutely devoted to it. You’ll do everything to make it work because you feel like it’s your responsibility.
You have a martyr like intensity in everything you do for your partners and not many can measure up to that.

Libra: The un-self aware, indecisive, hopeless romantic

You possess an amazing charm and a sharp wit that can easily sweep anyone off their feet, so it is really wonderful how you yourself are not aware of your charm. You think the only way to love is being swept off your feet. But first, you need to be sure if this relationship is what you really want. One day you think it’s perfect and soon you’re second guessing.

Scorpio: The stormy, territorial, truth seeker

You are well aware of your intensity, which can be too much for some people. It is this nature of yours which makes every ex of yours to be scared of you. You also value the truth above all else. You have one request from your partner and that is to tell you everything, without even a single lie. You’re also very territorial and possessive about your man.

Sagittarius: The brutally honest, restless firecracker

You are a real firecracker, who is well-known for her humour and great charm. You are probably the sexiest and funniest in the group.
You are also brutally honest. You won’t cushion your boyfriend’s feelings; you’ll tell it like it is. But sometimes you get really restless if you think that you’re stuck in a rut.

Capricorn: The competitive, joyous mature

The small gestures really matter to you. You don’t need to be swept off your feet, you need a partner who’ll do something small and nice for you every day, and you do the same right back. You compete even when it comes to relationships, with ‘Mine is better than yours’ attitude. Your high sense of responsibility also makes you the mom-friend in your group and the one in charge of all your relationships.

Aquarius: The drama-free, autonomous rational

You tend to over think. A lot. Every small move, every little gesture has to be analysed like crazy. However, you sort of counterbalance that with your aversion to drama. You’re never going to be the girl making a scene on the road with her boyfriend.
You also love your space and there is nothing you can do about it, which most of your partners don’t understand.

Pisces: The hypersensitive, emotional intuitive

If something is wrong, you know it. You have some crazy-ass instincts. You’re also really emotional, which sort off adds to this. You get caught up in the emotions and lose sight of practicality. You are full to the brim with compassion and love.

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