What!! PeeCee And Nick Are Already Engaged!- Here Is A Proof!

You must have thought it’s a casual affair. But no! Don’t get mistaken by this thought, it’s much more than this. We are talking about the hottest couple of the tinsel town none other than Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas. From meeting each other’s parents to travel to each other’s country this relation looks much more than a casual relation. PeeCee and Jonas look like madly in love as the two don’t even miss a single chance to meet each other.



Priyanka and Nick are dropping hints every moment that there is something more in this relation. The duo even did not care about paparazzi; rather they were seen posing for them. Recently when secretly Nick came to India along with the former Miss World and the two went to a romantic date on a rainy day.



We all have spotted that they were holding hand in hand. But one thing we missed is the similar rings in their ring ringer. From looking at the pictures it was speculated that Nick proposed her in New Jersey at his cousin’s wedding, where PeeCee accepted the proposal. Well, it looks like the two have already taken consent from their respective parents and met each other’s family so it’s time to take their relationship to the next level. So the couple decided to seal it with a ring.

Take a  closer look at the pictures:



However, there is another thought which suggests that this might be their Promise ring. As from the ages the concept of Promise ring prevails, which couples usually exchange if they think their relationship can last long. This is considered as the first token of love and on the ring mainly the date on which the couple met is carved or each other’s name is imprinted.

So maybe PeeCee and Nick have exchanged Cartier love bands as both of them are religious and believe in these concepts.

Moreover, the couple is currently holidaying in Goa and wants to spend some quality time with each other. Also, the leading media portal revealed that the two will get engaged or make it official by the end of this month. Nick is moonstruck with Priyanka and he cannot wait to spend his entire life with his lady love.



Furthermore, reports are also confirming that Priyanka and Nick moved in together.

We are amazed at the way PeeCee is handling her relation with Jonas! We would love to know your thoughts in the comment section below about their relationship.


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