Undoubtedly Star kids are born with a golden spoon and a fortune of fame. Saifeena’s new born Taimur is blessed with more being born in a bollywood and Nawab family. Baby Nawab had become a celebrity even before his birth and everyone including the whole bollywood was waiting for him. Fans are still waiting for more news about Kareena and her newly born.

kareena-saif-taimur-pics 1

And so here’s one for you.. If reports are to be believed, Nawab Saif Ali Khan’s family along with his Baby Nawab is soon going to make TV Debut. According to a report of IndiaForums, an episode of the series Living with the superstar will showcase the daily life of Saif along with his son Taimur.

If these reports are true, then we will definitely be waiting for the show eagerly.

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