What to do when your face tone is darker than your body tone?

With pollution on the peak, beauty editors have become the need of every individual. Pollution, dirt and UV rays directly affect our body resulting into the dull, dry and dark skin.

People usually pay more heed to their face than any other body part. As a result, you may find many people with a bright face and dark body. But what if someone develops darker face tone than the body? Oh yes, to your surprise there are a few people whose skin tone is brighter than their face!


It is not necessary that the face tone is darker because of suntan or certain skin disorder.  Maybe, it is genuinely darker or perhaps you look of some deeper tone because of the makeup or the color of your attire. But the question is that what shall we do to improve the differences in complexion?

Skin tone is deeper due to the excess of pigment ‘melanin’. More the melanin, deeper the complexion!

If it’s dull due to tanning, it will recover after a certain time and if it lasts for long you shall consult a dermatologist. If he allows, you can also try these natural remedies.



With rich nutrient content, lactic acid and superior bleaching properties, yoghurt is good for lightening the skin complexion.



Raw potato:

It has bleaching properties and due to the presence of vitamin C, a potato can be used as a skin lightener.



Aloe vera:

Comprising the skin friendly ingredients, aloe vera is used to correct redness and discoloration. Moreover, it moisturizes the skin well.



Coconut water:

Coconut water is rich in mineral content and boosts the hydration level swiftly. It is also believed that coconut water is equally healthy for skin too. Applying it on the affected part lightens the skin while making it smooth.




Loaded with Vitamins and alpha-hydroxy acids (an ingredient that prevents aging), dermatologists also suggest the use of papaya for tightening and brightening the skin.



Lemon Juice:

Due to citric acid, lemon juice acts as a natural bleach and is often used to lighten the skin tone.