What You Should Know Before Dating A Friend’s Ex?

One of the most important rules of the bro code and the sister code is “Never date your friend’s ex”. Much as you try to abide by that, sometimes things can happen, right? You might get attracted to your friend’s ex, and you also find them reciprocating those feelings. That is quite a situation to be stuck in. So, what needs to be done in this extremely tricky situation?

Be clear with yourself:
As human beings, it is natural to start liking someone, but most of the time it is just attraction that fades after a while. That could easily be the case with you and your friend’s ex, so don’t start to feel any pressure until you know for sure what it is.
Talk to your friend:
Sometimes, people feel they should go for the relationship while hiding it from the friend. This can be the worst thing you can do. You need to talk to your friend before you get involved with their ex, especially if the friendship means a lot to you. Know what your friend feels about the situation, and then proceed cautiously. Maybe they are over it, maybe they still have feelings, maybe they feel hurt – you don’t have to ask for permission, but you need to make your decision based on what matters more to you.

When It's Not Ok to Date Your Friend's Ex
Think about what each relationship means to you:
You need to give a thought to what both relationships mean to you. Is your friendship very serious? Are you very serious about their ex? Is the relationship worth risking your friendship? Will you be okay with losing a friend? Will you be able to live without advancing any further into the relationship? Weigh your relationships with each person and then make a choice, because it can affect at least one of the relations, for a while in the least.
Give it time:
If you decide to go ahead with your friend’s ex in the end, give it time. Whether or not your friend is okay with it, you should not rush into the relationship. It is a sensitive issue for everybody involved, so make sure you don’t get hasty, as it could ruin more than one relationship.

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