As per a survey conducted by researcher Daniel Preotiuc-Pietro, profile picture on social media reveals a lot about the personality of a person. Daniel analysed pictures of 66,000 users and 3,200 of their text messages, as well as asking 434 people to fill in a psychological survey. And the findings were very interesting:
These are lots, having most colourful profile photo of all the character traits. But in reality they are actually the worst in appearance. They do not have any correlation with the colour attributes that make a photo aesthetically pleasing. They rarely wear glasses and like to pose with young people.
Easy Going
These people get along with others well and are very cheerful. Such people likely to use a colourful profile picture, which is blurry and low in sharpness. The relatively badly-taken picture will make you laughing or generally playing nice.
People with such trait are expected to smile and appear happy in their profile picture.They tend to appear on their own in blurry pictures, often wearing glasses and appearing older than they are actually.
Such people are generally filled with negative emotions. They prefer to represent themselves with an object, rather than a face. They are the most likely to wear reading glasses and often appear looking blank in photos.
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