What your signature reveals about you?

You might have studied about various things which reveals about your personality and there is no doubt everyone loves to know more and more about them. This is a fact that your overall attitude your ,body language, your way of talking etc. Each and everything says lot about your personality. Same way you will be amazed to know that even your signature reveals lot about your personality and what kind of person you are. Find out below what your signature say about you.

Space between letters


Persons who leave space between letters in their signature are tend to be clever and quite secretive and are often introvert in nature.

Angular letters

People with such signature style have competitive, aggressive traits and their will power is quite strong. Such people don’t give up easily and are quite forceful by nature.

Curved and smooth

Those whose signature are in curved and smooth form are often the most charming and gentle people and are equally beautiful like their signature. By nature they are social, outgoing and quite flexible in life.

Initials followed by the surname

People who mention their initials followed by their surname in the signature are likely to be religious in nature. They seem to treasure happiness and wealth  throughout their life and they possess unique qualities which make them stand out in the crowd.

Clearly legible

A legible signature states that the person has a clear vision in life with clear state of mind and are able to promote themselves efficiently. They are the ones who are able to utilise their potential to the max.