Have you ever thought the shape of teeth can say a lot about an individual’s personality? Teeth are one of the first few things you see when you converse with a person. So if you are well versed with the art of reading through a person’s personality by seeing his physical appearance, you certainly have an edge over others. But of course, personality analysis is not as simple but the following has been established by various psychological analyses and has been seen to hold true in most cases. So, take a look in the mirror and see what the shape of your teeth is?


Triangle Shaped

People with these kind of teeth are carefree in their lives and know how to have fun, which also makes them optimistic. They know how to seize the moment and are known to live in the present.

Square Shaped

Square shaped teeth are quite easy to identify and are associated with characteristics much like orderliness, sense of control and objectivity. People with square-shaped teeth are very calm and are in control of themselves and their emotions. They are very good with their judgments and decision making because they are known to be very objective.

Oval Shaped

The defining characteristic for people with oval-shaped teeth is their love for art. From their hair to their accessories, they keep it all artistic. Besides this, they are shy, sensitive and organized.

 Rectangular Shaped

The defining characteristic for people with rectangular-shaped teeth is they are very rational with anything and everything be it work or their personal lives. They are optimistic and full of energy. They are dynamic, sociable, talk a lot but are very sharp with their conversations. They can be very imaginative and full of ideas.


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