Yes, you read it right, ACP Pradyuman, the role played by actor Shivaji Satam will come to an end soon with a heart attack. All the fans, don’t worry, Shivaji is doing fine. He will suffer from a heart attack on the show and then die.

cidstoryplot4This is not the only sad news. The show, CID, that is one of the longest running shows on television will also come to end. According to reports, Shivaji and Dayanand Shetty (Inspector Daya) demanded for an amount triple than their current fee for the next season of the show. However, the producers of the show were not in a position to pay them such a huge amount. Unfortunately, they had to put an end to the show.

In the coming episode that will air on 26th December will show ACP suffering from a heart attack and then passing away because of it. The show will go off air by the first week of January.

We will miss you, CID 🙁

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