McDonalds introduces Masala Dosa Burger! Here’s everything you need to know!
Yeah, you read that right! Sad but true! As if, Kurkure Pizza, Gol Gappa Pizza, Dal Makhni Sphagetti weren’t enough to torture the very concept of fusion. Here is yet another new player on field, McDonalds, that aims to make us eat MASALA DOSA BURGER! How on this earth could they ever think of such an awful idea? Did they really want to try act cool or were they high on something stupid when they thought of it? God knows!
Well, the move comes in effort to ‘localise and adapt’. The burger will be an addition to the McDonalds breakfast menu along with Andaa Bhurji burger. And, twitterati can’t simply stop reacting for obvious reasons. While some called it worse than demonetization, some got another reason to not visit McDonalds.

Meanwhile, some people are excited about it too.
The Masala Dosa Burger will be laden with a grilled veg patty and topped with gun powder (molaga podi), a highly cherished flavor in Tamil Nadu. The new menu will initially be served in 44 Mumbai outlets from 13th January. Both the new additions are similar to the McD’s superhit Indian staple burger, McAloo Tikki which is a best-seller till date. It comes up as an attempt to pump up the morning business.
**I can’t stop having an emotional breakdown though**

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