When Aamir Khan Said On Faisal’s Face, “You Are Not a Good Actor!”

Aamir Khan is known as a Bollywood mister perfectionist. He is always in the discussion for his uniqueness. His film Lal Chadha Singh will be released in the coming days. His film has been the talk of the town for the last two years. To this day, Aamir has given a lot of joy to the audience by playing different roles. He has moved away from social media and is now focusing on full-time work.

Aamir Khan and Faisal Khan

His brother Faisal khan is currently the topic of discussion. Aamir had said in one of his interviews that he is not a good actor. He should pay attention to whatever work he has other than acting and do it. Because acting is not his field. And this is what Aamir said on his face. When Faisal Khan came to Bollywood, many of his films flopped. Aamir had given him his bitter reaction. Currently, the two brothers are arguing and fans are having great fun to see different reactions on social media.

Faisal Khan

Faisal should do any work other than acting. That was Aamir’s wish. When Faisal found out about his acting, he contacted Aamir. Then Aamir had told him that your films have flopped. In that case, you should consider another option. On this, Faisal says, “Aamir thinks that I am not a good actor. So, I never asked him for a job. And did not even appeal to him for help. I have always supported Faisal as a brother. I was always happy to see his progress. I never felt bad about seeing his success.”

The two have been arguing for the past few days. “I have stopped visiting families,” Faisal said. The reasons are different. Some of us have argued over things. Better a poor horse than no horse at all. With that in mind, I’m out. That is what Faisal has said.

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