When Amrish Puri Was Ramanand Sagar’s First Choice For ‘Raavan’, Then How Arvind Trivedi Got The Role?

Amrish Puri was Ramanand Sagar’s first choice for ‘Raavan’, not Arvind Trivedi – but something happened when he was taking auditions. Let us find out what!

Arvind Trivedi death

In the epic serial Ramayana, Amrish Puri was the first choice for the character of Raavan, not Arvind Trivedi.

Veteran actor Arvind Trivedi, who played the epic role of Raavan in Ramanand Sagar’s serial ‘Ramayana’, breathed his last in Mumbai on Tuesday night. According to media reports, Arvind Trivedi was ill for a long time and died of a heart attack. He was 82 years old.

Veteran Arvind Trivedi earned a lot of recognition after playing the character of ‘Raavan’ in the Epic serial Ramayana. In 2020, Ramayana was telecast again on TV, after which he again came into the limelight for his role. The epic serial Ramayana was first broadcasted in 1987. In 2020, Arvind Trivedi was liked by the audience of every class as Raavan. The story of Arvind Trivedi’s role of Raavan is no less interesting.

Arvind Trivedi and Arun Govil

Arvind Trivedi and Arun Govil were good friends.

You will be surprised to know that Arvind Trivedi was not the first choice for the role of Raavan in Ramayana. All the members, including Arun Govil, who played Ram for this role, wanted Amrish Puri to play this character. Everyone’s opinion was that he is perfect for this character.


During the auditions of Ramayana, Arvind Trivedi used to work in Gujarati films. He especially came to Mumbai to audition for the character of Raavan. In the audition itself, Ramanand Sagar felt that he was perfect for the role of Raavan. In an interview, Arvind had told that Ramanand Sagar had understood after seeing the body language that he was perfect for the role of Raavan.

Arvind Trivedi and Arun Govil

Arvind Trivedi played the role of Raavan(left), whereas Arun Govil played the role of Rama(right)

And was looking for an actor who looked both intelligent and strong. After this, the way Arvind Trivedi played the role of Raavan became historic. Even today no one has been able to match the perfection of Arvind Trivedi as Raavan.

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