When Hrithik Roshan & Saba Azad Take A Beautiful Drive, Admirers Yell, “Get Married Soon”

Saba Azad and Hrithik Roshan are enjoying a romantic getaway in Europe. Saba has been posting pictures and videos of their excursions to provide a taste of their journey. The two were seen in a video the actor posted on Saturday enjoying a lengthy drive on a lovely French road. Fans were enamoured with Hrithik and his girlfriend’s “trippy and sophisticated” film even though they were not visible in the clip.


With the caption “c’est comme ça!,” which roughly translates to “that is just the way it is,” Saba posted the video to Instagram. Hrithik could be seen in the clip pulling off his hat during a moment when Saba panned the camera in his direction. Since Hrithik’s face was not visible in the footage, many made jokes about who was driving while others were certain he was in the driver’s seat.

Saba’s post received a lot of heart emojis from admirers. Others praised Saba for giving them peeks of their holiday and expressed their admiration for Saba and Hrithik’s romance, calling it “sweet.” “We appreciate you sharing your joy with us, Saba; this is wonderful to see! You are seen, Hrithik! Enjoy your journey. Another commenter said, “So cute! For the sake of the two of you, remain joyful. On Saba’s video, a devoted admirer also left the following message: “Please share Hrithik Sir’s full images, and get married soon.”


On Instagram earlier, Saba had posted a picture of her from their current vacation. Hrithik took the photo, which Saba captioned, “Not a selfie, not my coffee. Photograph by Hrithik Roshan “You’re gorgeous,” Pashmina Roshan said in response to Saba’s photo.

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