…it all depends

By Sudha Viswanathan


Suresh, your breakfast is getting done, where are you?” Lalitha’s dominating voice filled the house like thunder having struck the sky all of a sudden. Her peace-loving husband, Anand, shifted the newspaper that he was reading, to his left and threw a disapproving glance towards the kitchen; but of course after making sure that his facial expressions showing disapproval at the high-pitched sound, were well beyond the periphery of her vision.

Meanwhile Suresh rushed out from his room to be at the table. It wasn’t out of fear or respect for his mother, Anand deciphered. He was all dressed up to go out somewhere. The time running out seemed to be the major factor in his having hurried to the table: as soon as his mother beckoned.

“Lalitha asked his son to have breakfast”

A smile passed Anand’s lips. Must be going to meet Reshma. It is a Sunday after all and the to-be-soon- married couple would have to meet up to discuss and finalise so many plans. Things have changed, thought Anand with a sigh. Did he even get to meet Lalitha once before finalising their nuptials? Probably if he had got an opportunity – who knows – he might have given a second thought about agreeing to the proposal.

With his kind of soft nature and an equally boisterous father like his better half, he wouldn’t have dared open his mouth in resentment. Anyway, ‘marriages are made in heaven’, he tried consoling himself and quietly went back to his paper.

He should be at the table only when Lalitha thinks it is the right time. He did not want to be the object of her displeasure by landing up there; with her not having finished making the stipulated number of dosas. Else he would have to listen to a sound sermon of how people growing old should learn to control their palate, like her Samaritan father, who did this, that, blah, blah. It was better going hungry rather than listening to this lecture for the millionth time.


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