When Pooja Batra Met With The Inspirational Powerhouse Maye Musk

The former Miss India International and the much-acclaimed Bollywood actress Pooja Batra has left her international audience and Indian netizens awestruck with a post of a throwback memory from the time when she met the wonderfully glorious Canadian-South African model Maye Musk. People over the internet have craved much attention and left behind wonderful appreciation and impression of her post.

The image post on Instagram has been visually stunning when these both wonderful ladies are waiting with their pose for the camera with Pooja wearing a strappy copper-colored metallic gown and Maye in her matching red skirt and turtleneck sweater.

The initiation of the picture was from a Twitter post of Batra where she mentioned, “You are such an inspiration @mayemusk. It was a pleasure to meet you,”. The picture was taken at the annual CineFashion Film Awards in 2018. 3 years later, the picture again came back on Pooja’s wall with the appreciation as, “With the powerhouse @mayemusk #tbt,” and gathered a lot of comments and likes.

There was a lot of showering of the purest form of love ever possible, like the former Hollywood actor Pinky Campbell reacted to the share and wrote as ‘Gorgeous’, while the very famous former actress and model Deepti Bhatnagar also shared a wonderful response with a smiling emoticon. There were also many other comments poured in with glorious and wonderful appreciation, like ‘Looking outstanding’, ‘Absolutely stunning’ as well as ‘Gorgeous and beautiful’ etc., etc. Also, to everyone’s surprise, one user recognized Maye as Elon Musk’s mother and written response as, “With Musk’s mother.”

Pooja, the marvelous actress had also posted a picture with Elon in February this year February. Miss India was wearing a black sheer top while Elon was dressed in a black t-shirt while they were both attending the premiere party of Game of Thrones 6 at The Hollywood Roosevelt in the year 2016. She apprehended with appreciation on her post about Elon Musk by saying, “With the Centibillionaire, Industrial Magnate Genius who has changed our planet forever,”

However, this has not been the first and only time when she has shared pictures with popular Hollywood stars, but rather, she had also shared pictures with famous Hollywood celebrities like Jason Statham, Gloria Ortega, Aidan Gillen, Channing Tatum, as well as Lena Headey.

So, we wish Pooja’s this endeavor to forever go on.

Primary Excerpt Taken From – NDTV (ndtv.com)

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