Where to Date Great Women?

Looking for a real date on a dating site?

We all do. It’s a dream come true…

Who doesn’t want an “eye candy” by their side?

Who doesn’t want the status of having a hot girl as a date (or even better, as a partner)?


Dating great women is easier said than done. After all, you’re hunting for the cream of the crop… And there’s a lot of competition too…

But no worries. Below, we have a series of tips that’ll give you the upper hand. Follow them, and secure yourself a great date!

1 – Spread Your Efforts

In other words, don’t just try to pick up women offline. Play the online game too! That way, you have more options. You have a wider river to fish from. And your likelihood of scoring goes up!

Spread Even More.

Don’t just try 1 dating site. Go for multiples! The more sites you register on, the better. Because each dating site means new possible matches for you. And if you do get rejected by one, always know that you have options.


2 – Just Don’t Spread too Much

Not every dating site is the best for you. Some are absolutely useless. Others are just scam sites. And then you have niche sites that only service a specific market…

So when spreading your efforts, look for a dating site you can commit to. You want to be there for months and years. And it has to offer the best user experience possible!

Why? Because REAL great women are more likely to be there. And speaking of REAL…

3 – Learn to Tell Real From Fake Profiles

So you’ve gone online, and you found a match…

Great. It’s time to message her, right?

Not Exactly.

If you’ve done your research, you’ll know that women profiles are a marketing gimmick. Some dating websites put the profiles of attractive women on their front pages. They then use that to lure gullible men…

Don’t fall for such tricks. If a website is great, it won’t use luring tactics.

Now – The Inspection.

When coming across an attractive girl’s profile, pay attention to the following…

First are the profile pics. They’ll look good, but are they real? Or are they fake pictures borrowed from another site (or social media account)?

Make sure you do a reverse Google search on a profile whose images you like. And if it’s fake, move on…

Also, know that if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. A photos that looks like a playboy model’s (high quality, excellent camera, good posture), is probably a fake. It’s either a model you don’t know, or it’s ripped form a highly popular social media profile.

4 – Be Attractive Yourself

Alright, inspection aside. You’re probably messaging the attractive girl you found…

Understand this. There’s tons of competition messaging that same profile too. So you have to stand out. You must be attractive yourself. And this means being in shape, with a good picture, and interesting profile information.

There’s No Shortcut to Getting Great Women.

Because they’re sought after by everyone. So what makes you think they’ll settle for average? You have to fix yourself offline, before looking for great women online.

That fix is your foundation, and without it, you won’t get any success.


5 – Learn to Text


OK, so let’s say you got the genuine attention of an attractive woman. Now comes the texting game.

When texting on dating sites, understand that it’s like a first date. You’re both going back and forth, trying to get to know each other…

So here’s what to do.

Text Like It’s Your First Date.

Basically, be a little conservative. Don’t talk a lot or be too bombastic. At the same time, don’t be too silent. Be genuine, be open, and share information while being curious about the other side.

Understand the Goal.

You’re not texting to appear macho. You’re doing so to secure an offline date. So always ask yourself – “what should I say to appear interesting enough for a second date?”

6 – Final Tip

Finding great women on dating sites take time. So be patient, and follow the previous list. That way, you’ll increase your chances of an offline date!


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