Why Paresh Rawal Don’t Want To Do Hera Pheri Movie? Know Inside!!

Actor Paresh Rawal says he wants to get rid of the image of Baburao Apte because things got dirty with Hera Pheri 2. Baburao Apte is one of his most popular and iconic role.

In an interview, Paresh Rawal said that the second part of Hera Pheri lacks the innocence that is the essence of the first work. He added that Suniel Shetty was the only serious man and therefore he also stood out in the second part.

When the interviewer told him that the dubsmash and reel that took place in his Hera Pheri dialogue became viral very quickly, Paresh Rawal said: “But I am tired of that. Sick and tired of that.”

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He added, “What happened was, in Hera Pheri 2, Zyada hi hoshiyari dikha rahe the apni (We tried to be ovr smart). And, it did not work.”

Paresh Rawal then said that only Suniel Shetty was very earnest. “Except one guy was working. Who was very earnest– Suniel Shetty. He never wanted to probe anything so he was standing out.”

Talking about a third instalment of the movie, Paresh Rawla said, “Jab kabhi bhi hota hai, ek to innocence chahiye wo nahi thi….wo thi hi nahi. Gandgi ho gai (Whenever that happens, it need innocence. That wasn’t there anymore. It all got too dirty). In fact, I would like to get rid of that image. Truly.”

The first Hera Pheri film was released in 2000 and directed by Priyadarshan. Starring Akshay Kumar, Paresh Rawal, Taboo and Suniel Shetty. The second film, Phir Hera Pheri, was directed by Neeraj Vora. The franchise’s of third movie had released a few years ago, but the cast hasn’t been decided yet.

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