Priyanka Chopra’s Mom Madhu Ji Reveals The Reason Why Siddharth’s Wedding With Ishita Got Cancelled

Getting married is one of the biggest milestones in life but they needn’t be obligatory if a person is not feeling right about it. While the Indian society shuns the people whose wedding gets canceled at the last moment, let alone those whose wedding gets cancelled twice. Why Siddharth’s Wedding With Ishita Got Cancelled?. However, society will judge you for every little thing and in the end, it’s your life. So let the society live with its narrow mentality. If you are not feeling right about the marriage, call it off. Even if it is on the same day. Recently, Priyanka Chopra’s brother Siddharth Chopra’s wedding was called off with his fiance Ishita Kumar. This was apparently the second time his wedding was cancelled after it git cancelled in 2015 with his girlfriend Kanika Mathur.

Why Siddharth's Wedding With Ishita Got Cancelled

Confirming the rumors of the cancelled wedding, mommy Chopra, Dr. Madhu Ji said, “the wedding had been mutually called off”. Pray, what is mutual? Surely both Siddharth and Ishitta didn’t start walking towards each other from opposite directions and say, “Leave it. Let’s not get married.” Not the ones to leave stories unfinished, we felt we should speak to Dr Madhu Chopra. And this is what emerged.

Why Siddharth’s Wedding With Ishita Got Cancelled

When the real reason why the wedding was cancelled was asked from Madhu ji, she revealed the actual truth. She said, , “My son Siddharth said he was not ready for marriage yet. He explained he needed more time.”

Why Siddharth's Wedding With Ishita Got Cancelled

A source says that “this arranged marriage was being pushed a bit in haste”. Well, it is actually better than the wedding did not happen. Good that Siddharth applied the brakes. Marriages should never be done in a hurry. It is a lifetime decision and should be taken with full consideration. Praise is also due for Ishitta’s family who apparently took Siddharth’s decision in their stride. They might have initially felt different but must now be feeling that it’s good that it did not happen. Marriage is a huge decision in life in terms of responsibility, and unless one is sure, there is no need to jump into it.

So Siddharth’s Wedding With Ishita Got Cancelled



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