Why Was John-Bipasha Relationship Broken? 

Love is crazy, love is beautiful and all love birds want a happy ending, but not all love stories reach their desired ends. Many such love stories were seen in the streets of Bollywood, seeing that they felt that they were one soul.  However, their relationship broke up after a few years. Many couples in Bollywood were loved by the fans, but their relationship did not last long. One such lovely pair was John Abraham and Bipasha Basu, whose chemistry was very much liked by the fans. John and Bipasha had worked together in many films and the sizzling chemistry between them used to set the hearts of the audience on fire.

Why was John-Bipasha relationship broken? 

Why was John-Bipasha’s relationship broken?

When John and Bipasha were working together in films, at the same time, in real life also John and Bipasha had come very close. Even they did not hide their relationship from the media and were seen openly everywhere. John and Bipasha’s closeness grew on the sets of the film ‘Jism’ and then both of them made their relationship official and started living in live-in. Although today the names of these two stars are not taken together. Why John and Bipasha, who had been in a relationship for 9 years, had separated, was once disclosed by Bipasha Basu.

Bipasha Basu and Karan Grover

John and Bipasha looked great together. They were seen together not only on the film screen but also at parties and award shows. Seeing the bonding of both, it seemed that soon this couple would get married, but suddenly the news of their breakup came to the fore and the fans were surprised. There were many speculations about their breakup. It was said that Bipasha wanted to marry John, but John was not showing interest in getting married. Due to this, their relationship broke up.

Bipasa Basu 

Bipasa Basu

Bipasha Basu had said in an interview that,

“Only I am responsible for what happened to me. I have put myself in this situation. Whoever tries to drag you down in life should not be in your life.”

Bipasha did not take John’s name but it was revealed from her words that she was talking about John.

Bipasha had said that she had fulfilled her entire relationship with utmost sincerity. They gave more importance to their relationship than work. Bipasha added, “She also left many projects for her relationship, although she did not get the love and respect she deserved in return and due to this she had to break her relationship”.

John Abraham married to Priya Runchal

John Abraham and Priya Runchal.

John Abraham is married to Priya Runchal. He married Priya secretly. Their wedding pictures are also not visible on social media. Talking about Bipasha there, she has married Karan Singh Grover. Karan and Bipasha’s wedding was done with great pomp in Punjabi and Bengali style. Their wedding pictures went viral on social media.

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