Why Women Drink Wine & How? Click Here To Know More

Wine is slowly becoming women’s new best friend – and rightly so!

As they push through the day giving it their best shot, by nightfall it’s time to relax a little. Even so, many women barely find the time to indulge in prolonged “me time”. This is when a 4-ounce tipple of wine kicks into the picture. Be it while watching the news, or making food, or simply loitering around the house finishing up the last few errands of the day, a glass of wine becomes a handy instrument in pacing out life and enjoying the task at hand.

It is common knowledge that wine is preferred more by women than men. But have you ever wondered why?

Types of Wine

Rose Wine

Why Women Drink Wine

Wine is sweeter to taste than most other spirits. While men enjoy their liquor to be hard-hitting, women prefer a sweetness in experience to lighten their mood. Slowly, as more and more women embrace the idea of pacing out the day with a little fun and self-love, wine becomes the ideal go-to option. It can be hard with food, desserts, or simply sitting on the couch reading your favourite book.

Usually, wine does not cause any major hangover the next morning. Drinking the spirit in regulated amounts enriches the mood at the moment and hardly has any negative effects later. It is also less addictive compared to other alcoholic beverages. One-fourth of glass is usually enough to settle the nerves and feel a little lighter.

What’s more, is that drinking a measured amount of wine also has far-reaching health benefits. Many researchers have pointed towards the effect of red wine on mood upliftment. Wine also contains an antioxidant polyphenol called resveratrol which helps protect blood cells in the body. 

Types of Wine You Can Drink

So if you’re ready to try your first sip of paradise, here is what you need to know: there are four major types of wine that you can choose from. 

1. Red Wine: This wine is usually deep maroon in colour, but may vary according to its age and production. Red Wine is made of grape juice and grape skin, which is fermented for a long period of time. This increases the tannin levels in the spirit, making it the ideal option for a positive effect on one’s health.

Types of Wine

Red Wine

2. White Wine: This type of wine is made only using the inside part of the grapes. The flavour profiles span across tartness and freshness. A punchy fruity flavour may often be tasted. This makes the wine softer than most red wines.

3. Sparkling Wine: This is the slightly fizzy wine that marks most celebratory occasions. It is punchier in flavour than other wines.

Types of Wine

Sparkling Wine

4. Rosé wine: Contrary to expectations, this wine is not a mixture of Red and White wine. Rather, it is an amalgamation of the production process of the two. To make Rosé Wine, the outer skin of grapes is left to be fermented only for a few hours and then taken out. Many women enjoy this option for its mild flavour.

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