Wife Deepika Reveals What She Feeds Ranveer Singh In The Morning For Super Energy

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are undoubtedly one of the most romantic yet coolest couples in Bollywood. After saying the holy vows together on 14th and 15th November last year, the couple has been giving major couple goals to all the newlywed couples. Be it their red carpet appearances or their airport looks together, they never cease to make a statement together. Recently, the couple was seen sharing some lovey-dovey moments at the Filmfare and Zee Cine Awards while accepting their respective trophies. Wife Deepika Reveals What She Feeds Ranveer Singh In The Morning For Super Energy.

When Deepika was asked about the energy that Ranveer Singh has and how he manages it, Deepika had a very cute response. She said, “I don’t know what happens when he leaves the house as he’s an extremely different person then which I think also people will start seeing. Like if you see it in his work, which is that there’s an extremely quiet side to him, there’s an extremely intelligent side to him, there’s a very sensitive and emotional side to him, there’s a vulnerable childlike innocence, so there are so many facets to him.”

And not just that, she also reveals what Ranveer Singh has in the morning that keeps him so full of energy and enthusiasm. She revealed that Ranveer Singh is given nothing but coconut water and almonds in the morning and that could be his secret super food.

Talking about his loving wife Deepika, Ranveer had once said that Deepika har imposed certain rules for him. He said,  “Staying out of the house till too late, leave the house without eating and miss her calls”. Further speaking about Deepika, he revealed that she is gharelu and stated, “She is so gharelu…I love it…I love it. I am telling you I am going to be the husband of the millennium. I am going to glide and breeze through it.”

Even Deepika Padukone has always been very vocal about her loving husband Ranveer Singh. She had once said in an interview, “He is vulnerable, extremely emotional, very intelligent; childlike at times. That’s not to say that his irrepressible energy isn’t him, it’s very him. He’s a real people’s person, but there’s a quiet side to him too.” The actress further revealed, “Emotionally, I think I’m the more intuitive one. I’d say IQ is more him. But at the same time, he’s not all like, ‘I’m a man, I can’t show my emotions.’ He is sensitive, and so am I, and it makes it easier to share a life with someone who understands that.”

While receiving her Filmfare, Deepika had said,  “It’s beautiful living together. I’m sure cynics will say you’ve just gotten married to him, wait for 15 years or 25 years. We’ll figure it out then. For now, it’s the best feeling in the world. I looked forward to living together because I moved out of home at a young age to start working. A lot of my friends used to say we can’t wait to get out of our house. I was the opposite. I got out young. I craved for my family. When we were dating, it was about spending time with his family or going to Bangalore to be with my parents. I’d crave that quality time where you wake up in the morning and have someone to talk to while you’re having breakfast. For the last 15 years, I was alone.”


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