Gazing a clear sky with birds touching the heights and enjoying the fragrance of nature in forest, sitting in the meadow feeling the essence of sunlight that is touching our skin, is the dream of everybody, to enjoy their lifestyle.

We live on a planet with variety of creatures, includes the humankind. We adore our mother earth and its gift of Nature and wildlife. We love to gawk at the sky and watch the birds flying. Playing in the fields with nature.  We want to live the lifestyle of nature but are we truly devoting our time to preserve the wildlife, Preserve Nature?

We as a human being have failed to preserve our mother earth. From Cutting down the forest for our needs, cutting trees for wood. Polluting the rivers, misusing the resources, without even having the backup for upcoming generation.

Last Year 2019 had been a disaster for the humankind as we have shed half of our wildlife with our own hands. The year had beard a lot, from clearing half of wildlife due to the fire in the amazon forest, to Extinction of Wild animals in the Australia fire and the disaster, the fires have killed at least 29 people and destroyed some 2,500 homes. The destruction to the country’s land and biodiversity is harder to fathom. An estimated 1.25 billion animals have been lost, and scientists fear long-term damage too many sensitive ecosystems, which we do every day, by not taking any step further in regards to the nature.

We Love to go on jungle safari, on the vacation with our family and friends, but are we truly devoting our time to preserve nature and wildlife. Major Steps are taken in every part of the world. However, are we really implying those on ourselves? We complain about change in climate, The Hot and dry weather, but are we really caring about the cause of it. The Pollution, the Global warming.

We want to spend our vacation with our family in the nature. With the singing of the Nightingale in the background, to enjoying the flow of the river, the calmness of the forest and the chirping of the birds. Yes, we all love to spend the time in the wild. However, to enjoy it one must take the actions to preserve it, so Grow some plants, help the nature to grow and prosper.