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I will not kill Salman Khan; I want to torture him by beating: Swami Om

By admin

January 09, 2017

We just thought all the stupid and unbearable drama of Swami Om will finally end, after he was thrown out of the Bigg Boss house for throwing his pee on Bani  and Rohan Mehra. But this self-styled baba’s disgusting drama is nowhere seems to end even though he is out of the show.

In a recent statement he claimed that Salman Khan and Bigg Boss makers pleaded him to return to the show, as his evicting has brought down  the TRPs to zero. “I have told them I will come only on one condition. Salman should rub his nose on my feet at the press conference that I’m holding on January 10 at the Press Club of India here and apologise to me”, Swami Om narrated this yet another cooked up story.

Then immediately contradicting his previous statement, he said, if he is not called back to the show he will not let the finale happen and will beat Salman Khan on stage. “Since Salman is a traitor, I will take one lakh people with me on January 28 and beat him black and blue on stage. I will not kill him because I want to torture him”, he said.

Well, something seems to be really wrong with this old man! His actions seem more case of mental illness than mere publicity stunts.