All you beautiful ladies out there have you ever imagined your future with the guy you’re dating? Of course, you have.
Before we start setting relationship boundaries, we want to evaluate its future prospects. The questions that we think about is ‘’how our relation would be in the long run?’’, ‘’will it last long?’’, ‘’is it worth being together?’’ or ‘’should we give up any hopes to settle with each other?’’

When you’re troubled with such questions, what do you do? Well, don’t go wondering about the future just yet..
But well if these are checked in your list then your relation is going right and you both are meant to be together in long run. So ladies make your judgments based on these qualities:

1. Accepting the way one is
Well, that’s what a loving relationship is about. Everyone has his/her flaws and no matter what but you both still love each other with all hearts.

2. Decisions are taken together
Both of you have an equal and important say in every matter, be it deciding any pitty issue. In all his matters he considers your opinions as well and same goes for you.

3. Individual point of view respected
Both of you do respect each other’s point of view. It is obvious that even two alike person are not on the same mindset at times.

4. Understanding and forgiveness
Its natural that you both have fights on silly stuff say not getting quality time with each other and you might end up saying harsh words. But later on both of you do understand and forgive.

5. Cheering up always
You get to know each others emotion quickly say when you have a bad day, upset or anything. But during those situation he cheers you up by doing various stuff for you to make you feel happy and even same you do in his situation.

6. Caring for needs
You both are very attentive to each other’s needs. You might be careless in your matters but get particular when it comes to his/her.

7. Love trying each other’s hobbies
Obvious that you both might have different taste in all matters but both of you love trying each other hobbies and well do it together.

8. Helping hand always
You both help each other doing work be it related to workplace or personal you always love helping each other with chores.

9. Respecting each other’s families
You regard their family as your own.

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