Simply speaking, a robot is a machine that works and acts according to a set of codes that it is to follow. AI, short for Artificial Intelligence is a term used to define the intellect of these robots. We are surrounded by robots and in this day and age, we need robots for almost everything. The phone you use is also a machine geared by Artificial Intelligence and is a robot. Robots are being used to replace people at jobs now. Earlier, they were used in only those places where human life could be endangered like intense factory work, but now robots are being used for more and this is to increase efficiency. 2 months ago Insurance firm Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance replaced 34 employees with IBM’s Watson Explorer AI. And not just here, other placed that took to AI are:


Amazon: It has a new “robot army” to work as stockroom workers.

Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas ship: They have two dancing robots named the N1-C and the B1-O who will be working as bartenders.

US Army: Bots would replace 30% of the soldiers by 2030. Bots also play a vital role in Bomb Squads.

University of California, San Francisco: They have a robot who runs their Pharmacy and till now, has made no errors.

Farmers: Bots are ideal for repetitive work as that is what they do best.

And these are only a few of them. So, it is no news the human population has had a degree of unemployment unleashed on it since the age of robots and as these robots keep growing their skills, we will continue to loose. Many think that soon we will face 50% unemployment. There are a couple of fictions books out there that paint a horrible picture of how the future can turn out to be, but is that really the case?

“What we should more concerned about is not necessarily the exponential change in artificial intelligence or robotics, but about the stagnant response in human intelligence. For example, schools and universities are now preparing students for jobs that will no longer be in existence 10 years from now”

“On the flip side, adaptive, agile and creative humans will figure out how to partner with the machines and new forms of intelligence. For example, we can imagine a near future where Siri stops behaving emotionally unintelligently and instead fully replaces your executive assistant, marketing manager, and sales support,” Sorman-Nilsson said, who is a futurist as well as an innovation strategist.

He also says that robots will take over the tedious work load but will never replace the actual human minds working on a project.

What we can assume is that it is true that AI will eat up a lot of jobs, but that will only make way to new kinds of jobs. History is a witness that new technology has forever been a job creator and what will change by the introduction of AI on all fields is just the nature of the jobs. Soon we will have different kinds of roles assigned to us that will include working alongside Bots.

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