What? This is what this woman ate to survive! Doctors are shocked!

Meet Tara Devi, a 52-year-old deaf and mute lady hailing from the hilly areas of Sirmaur in Himachal Pradesh. When she was taken to a hospital in Solan for extreme gastric and intestinal pains, doctors were shocked to find plastic threads clogged in her stomach.

After she was taken to the emergency room of the hospital, doctors performed various tests to find a ball of hair in her stomach. But after peeping more into the case, it was revealed that the hair looking substances were actually plastic threads. Since the lady was deaf and mute, it was hard to understand the presence of these threads in such a huge amount. The person who brought her to the hospital told that she was a poverty-stricken lady who had no social support and lived by herself. With no money to buy food, she used to eat plastic threads of gunny bags to fulfill her hunger from several years.

She had reached a condition where she completely lost her appetite and her limbs began to swell, and could only sip water in her diet. In past years too, there have been strange cases of people eating weird non-consumable things. For instance, a man gulped in 40 knives but was lucky enough to survive; and a girl who was addicted to eating soaps. But those were the cases of PICA, a condition where people crave to eat non-nutritive things. But in Tara Devi’s case, hunger and poverty brought her to this extent.