Back then, in childhood days, when we used didn’t want to go to school, our parents used to make us understand the value of schools. They made us know the meaning of education. And if we still didn’t agree, they used to scold us. But nowadays, the way parents handle children is just so different. So a
worried mother called the police after her son refused to go to school. This incident happened in Telangana and we got to know about it todays’ morning. And a video of the incident took the internet.

In Jadcharla of Mahabubnagar, a woman dialled the emergency number ‘100’ last week and asked the on-duty cop to reach her house urgently. A patrol vehicle was immediately rushed to the location hearing the message. But for the obvious reason, the cops were shocked to know that the lady called them to convince his son to go to school. She said that she needed help to send her son to school, who has been hiding in the house and refusing to attend classes.

For obvious reason, at first the cop got agitated at first but then he thought of helping the poor lady and so the men in uniform counselled the child. The child was later dropped to the school in a police vehicle.

Meanwhile, a child rights organisation raised an objection over police counselling a minor child by calling him to the police station because he refused to go to school.

“Instead of enquiring why the child is reluctant and what are the issues he is facing, he was called to the police station. This is atrocious. This is the second such incident in the state and if this becomes a tradition, it is dangerous. While police may get some appreciation for such acts, this will put the children in trauma. Police should know the problems of the child and then arrange the professional help to sort out the issues,” said Achyuta Rao, an activist associated with Balala Hakkuka Sangham.

What do you think about this incident?

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