Woman Gives Birth To 10 Babies: Breaks Guinness World Record!

A South African Woman gave birth to 10 babies at once, breaking the Guinness World Record.

According to a local media report. Teboho Tsotetsi, Sithole’s husband, said his 37-year-old wife delivered the children via a C-section. The couple has been blessed with 10 babies, seven boys and three girls. He also added that all the seven babies are fine and would remain in the hospital until they are stronger.

“We received a call from the hospital informing us of the birth … and got further confirmation from the mother Gosiame Sithole who was still in pain. She and the 10 bundles of joy are doing well and still in hospital,” said the family in a statement, ANI reported.

According to a South African news website, Sithole told that two of the babies could not be detected initially because they were inside the wrong tube. Her husband further added that they were pleasantly surprised with the decuplets as the scan of his wife only showed eight in the womb.

Sithole, who is from Gauteng, claims that her pregnancy was unplanned and that she did not use any reproductive treatments.

Nadya Suleman currently holds the Guinness World Records for delivering most children at a single birth to survive. She gave birth to six boys and two girls in California, US, in 2009.

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