Woman has to breastfeed their baby after delivery and should keep these things in mind

Being a mother is the happiest feeling of every woman’s life. A woman’s body goes through many changes during pregnancy. Not only during pregnancy, but even after the birth of the baby, the body of a new mother is very delicate. After delivery, the woman has to breastfeed and take care of her newborn baby. In such a situation, the mother has to take special care of herself. Many women complain of back pain and weakness after delivery, due to which they are unable to breastfeed their baby properly. In such a situation, a new mother should take special care of some things so that she does not have any problem breastfeeding the baby. In today’s article, we will tell you what things should be kept in mind by lactating women after delivery –

  • Have a balanced diet-

After delivery, special care should be taken on the food and drink of the mother. Not only during pregnancy, but the mother also needs more nutrition even after delivery. That is why it is very important that all the essential nutrients are included in your diet. Include green vegetables, fruits, pulses, cereals, eggs, milk, etc. in your diet.

  • Take proper rest-

The body of a new mother becomes very weak after delivery. In such a situation, she should take maximum rest. It takes time for your body to recover after delivery. In such a situation, if you work too much, then your health may deteriorate. Do not do all the household work alone. You can take the help of your husband and other members of the household for household chores and child care.

  • Take special care of cleanliness-

There is a higher risk of infection after delivery. To avoid this, take special care of the cleanliness of your body. Along with this, you should clean your private parts and breast with lukewarm water. Breastfeeding gives women pain in their breasts. For this, you can compress the breasts with warm water.

  • Massage –

After delivery, most of the women complain of back pain and back pain. Many women experience pain in their back, neck, and arms while breastfeeding. In such a situation, massage your body with any oil after delivery. This will reduce your pain and you will get relief.

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