“If I go to a concert or sporting event I usually go in a VIP entrance and leave the same way”- Fran Drescher

Events, concerts are social affairs where everyone wants the spotlight on themselves. From the timing to dressing “right” to making travel and companion arrangements its a project in itself. But most importantly which event to go to and what crowd to expect comes first.  And this is where the confusion starts.

Meghna (name changed) is an ardent fan of Raftaar and makes it a point to attend all his festival, concerts and live performances every time he performs in Delhi Region. “While the Music and the Ambience is generally good, what always bothers me is the crowd and the coming back from these venues. Though I always go out with my gang still you know how things can get ugly” she adds with a frown. 


This is a dilemma for most music lovers in the city. While we always maintain “Sadi Dilli” or “Amchi Mumbai” is the best Meghna’s problems can be found echoing from most ladies in other cities who want to attend concerts and live performances but either give up from going or come back early for the same reasons.

One such mega Food Concert being planned in Delhi this October the Confused Desi Food Concert organized by Divergent Brat Hospitality and Localturnon (India’s #1 Music Dance Connect Platform) very well understands. “Right from the event timings that ensure strict day end by 10 PM, to the entry sections, separate queues, female only access areas, continuous monitoring through CCTVs, over 25 female volunteers who double up as security at the venue, there is a conscious effort to ensure that the event is a smooth affair for all our guests” says Tajinder Bagga, Founder and CEO of Localturnon.

His event partner Shahzad Ali, Director Divergent Brat Hospitality, adds further, “We have also made sure that all sections of the venue remain well-lit and there is proper fire and safety arrangement in place”

And yet instances of teasing, inappropriate behaviour are on the increase. One of the reasons is that while at the event its a protected environment but the moment you step out of the venue you are on your own. With little in terms of enforcement agencies around or even fellow event goers you are in ways responsible for your own safety. This vulnerability is what ladies need to tackle and make sure they have enough mechanisms to deal with possible eventualities. Our top 10 tips to ladies would be

  1. Make sure you have company at all times. Be it friends, relatives always remember twos a company and the more the merrier. Staying together has its benefits
  2. Make sure that someone knows where you are and what are your plans for the return
  3. Stay away from suspicious, intoxicated & troublemaking people
  4. Dress smartly yet sensibly and comfortably
  5. Carry your essentials and nothing valuable
  6. Having mobiles with one press alarm button / key gets your voice heard by your guardians. Atleast you can be sure that the call for help will not go unanswered.
  7. A pepper spray comes in handy for just those very uneasy situations
  8. Make sure that the mobile is fully charged / enough battery to make those calls / operate those taxi apps (even when you have taken enough videos and selfies at the event)
  9. Be alert and aware of the routes, the place layouts , options for exits
  10. Park in spots that are well-lit / adjacent to the exits / parking attendants.

We are sure that these tips might be already on your mind and while all event organizers will try their best to manage the crowds, ensure safety measures are in place it’s the Meghnas of our cities that needs to do her bit to make sure she has in her hands her last line of defense.


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