Women in 20’s, not the most $exually active!

Portrait of couple enjoying together while romancing in bed

It is often perceived that women have lesser $exual desires than men. And it is true, till an extent, as a $exual desire is biological for men but for women it is more of a psychological phenomenon.  It varies depending on how they feel about themselves or even due to daily ups and downs in their lives.  In fact, even the age plays a major role. While a man will think about $ex at least once in a day, about only one –quarter of women will think about it at that frequency. Men’s  $exual arousal is usually spontaneous, without any reason but with women it’s majorly planned depending on how the day has turned out for her, or if she is in a good mood or if her partner has done something special for her. Also, the frequency of $exual desire in men starts reducing with age, where as in women it’s the other way round.

It’s a common notion that the best $ex takes place in your 20’s but in a recent study, about 2600 women were classified into 3 age groups, younger (22 and below), middle (23-35) and older (36 and beyond), and were asked questions regarding their $exual needs, how they felt about themselves, the satisfaction level post $ex, etc.

And guess who’s the most $exually active? The age group of 36 and beyond!

According to women in the ‘older’ age group, 8 out of 10, felt $exy and darn confident in their skin. While in the ‘middle’ and ‘younger’ group; only 4 out of 10, and 7 out of 10, respectively, were content of their looks, personality & appeal.

And talking about the satisfaction quotient, only 56% & 76% from ‘younger’ and ‘middle’ group, respectively, admitted to great $ex in the past month, while it was 86% in the ‘older’ group.

And to top it all, ‘older’ group with 6 women in every 10, accepted to more frequent and elevated orgasms!

For men, $ex is a need, but for women, it’s more of an emotional desire which varies from time to time, banking on several other factors.