Women – It’s time to Invest your Resource

Be risk-conscious.
By Aditi Rastogi
Investing money is the process of committing resources in a strategic way to accomplish a specific objective. – Alan Gotthardt
Kavya is an engineer and working in a multinational company. She is independent and earning a good salary but has no clue how to invest money for her future, she doesn’t have any financial planning and is disturbed. She is the only child of her parents and doesn’t have much saving for hard time. What can she do? How can she invest money which will help her in hard times? Kavya is not the only one. There are lots of women like her stuck in some situations

Here is the solution for the problems facing women like Kavya!
As we all know, saving is very important for both men and women as well for the family. You have to save as much as you can, in order to live peacefully after retirement or to help your family financially in tough times.
Unfortunately, it’s a truth that investment and pension industry remain men’s club rather than women. This is despite the fact that women are the more successful investors and manage the general finances very well.
In an era where women are achieving a lot, they are astronauts, they are competing in marathons, run households within a budget, they are successful entrepreneurs, they are doctors, bankers, they are independent, so why they are falling at the last hurdle in the field of investment? Why do they need to be dependent on men in this sector?
According to the survey of fidelity, “Our research found that only 4 per cent spearhead their family’s investment strategy. Among affluent women, 80 per cent consider themselves “beginner investors,” compared with 50 per cent of men. And only 9 per cent are confident about managing investments. And yet 90 per cent of women will have to manage their finances on their own at some point in their life. They may leave the workforce to care for a sick family member, get divorced, or find themselves widowed.
Or they may be among many young adults who are staying single and living on their own for longer time than past generations. That’s
why it is imperative for women to have a solid understanding about how to manage money and invest for the future.”
We can see above that women are not confident enough to make investment. They save money, and they are the better saver in comparison to men.

Gender divide
It is clear from corresponding table that finance sector is dominated by men. 82 per cent of men is ruling in this field and investing their money and only 12 per cent of women in this field are investing.

Why do we have less women investors?
The most important factor are affordability, risk, trust and last but not least is not knowing from where to start.
Another factor is gender inequality in workplace, mainly in corporate or finance companies, hardly 2 per cent of women are be in senior position.

How can women make meaningful progress as investors?
Here are tips for women who want to be better investors in their life
Improve investment knowledge: Yes, the first important thing is to educate yourself in the field of investment. Once you understand the subject, then you will gain the confidence to invest your money. You need to study different avenues of investment world like, stocks, bonds, treasury bills and mutual funds. The more you learn, the more you get confident or become a savvy investor.
Open up and gain your assurance Ladies, you need to open up about investing with your spouses or anyone else (grandfathers, father and someone else).
Don’t get emotional while investing: Yes, this is the major point, Do not get emotional at all. You need to understand the arithmetic of investment. For instance when the stock market is up it will come down at some point of time, when the market is down it will go up. You need to stay for long term.

Research before investing your money: There are thousands of mutual funds and individual stocks. It can be challenging to choose one and scary to decide. So, you need to choose a sector of stocks related to particular market like energy, healthcare, retail, technology or something else. Make sure you do lot of research and seek someone’s, help or ask for trustworthy investment tips.

Choose a financial advisor: Investment advisor can give you an edge in creating your investment selection. Financial advisors can be fallible and wrong sometimes while advising you, so you need to play an active role in your investments.

Seek help from social media: See, if other women who are also looking to get involved in the finance sector, if they are planning to invest in stock markets, talk to them. Read blogs, follow investment companies and investors on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Quora and other social platforms.
Ask questions: Show your interest in finance, ask your spouse or some elder people about the investment, know their perspectives on mutual funds, ask them how do they invest their money. Put your queries on social media.

Plan for retirement: Start preparing for your future, where you will no longer be working and will not get the salaries on a regular basis. If you don’t have the retirement plan or funds, start immediately.

Monitor on a regular basis: You are in charge of your funds, you are one who stands to profit or lose. Stay connected to the financial market that holds your plan.

Investors preferences: There are many investment avenues available in the market. So, women investors have to take the decision very carefully and cautiously.
Options available for investments
1 Bank Deposit
2 Post Office
3 Gold
4 Insurances
5 Real Estate
6 Stock Market
7 Others

Financial goals: Long-term financial goals will help in your future and definitely make your life better other any worry.
S. no Options
1 Retirement
2 Child Education
3 Child Marriage
4 Home
5 Dream Car
6 Goal
7 World Tour

You can plan your financial goals in these sectors
I totally agree that investment is a sort of gambling but careful study of the market and a little fund can help you achieve more, and I hope above points will definitely help you to invest.