It’s a story of a bubbly, energetic, full of life, a young woman, Ms Sonia Patel who not wants to conquer the hearts of the lads but also the ladies. She believes that “women are unique individuals with unique experiences.” Its all about the ecstatic journey of showcasing her talent and proving her mettle to the world. It may be the best example of how good women are at multitasking than men.

Through her vivacious smile and exorbitant personality, she manages to cast away the shadows of her painful struggles and brushing away her emotional battles. With all her might, she channelizes her potential energy into the kinetic panorama through the medium of dance, modelling, racing and boxing.


Sonia hails from a small town Bardoli, near Surat in Gujarat. But her dreams and ambitions have made this world a small place. Since childhood she developed a keen interest in classical singing and freestyle dancing. Her teachers her in all walks of her life and she was one of the contestants of Boogie-Woogie, the famous dance reality show aired on Sony TV in the 90’s. Since then, there was no looking back, she bagged all the awards and accolades at the district and the state levels. She further pursued her education in the field of Pharmacy where she was an outstanding student excelling in her academics as well.

She went onto pursue her masters and currently completing her Doctoral Studies on “Cardiovascular Studies”. At the same time, she is proud Professor, mentoring the students achieve their research Goals. She says, “Since childhood, I was more inclined towards the glamorous world; the Bollywood and always wanted to pursue a career in it. My parents used to get nervous at this thought and always persuaded me towards Academics.” She continued with her Professorship but somehow wanted to aspire those childhood dreams. “I come from a small town so I have always the crutches of connectivity to the city and the tremendous hurdles of reaching the platform, the struggles and the failures. Even all possibilities are not open if you don’t belong to big cities like Mumbai, Pune, Surat etc and Bollywood was a distant dream.”

Life didn’t wait here for the young woman she dreamt, she aspired, she toiled, she did it in her own ways and finally he inspired.!!!!!!. She smiles,” little did I know that the Glam world would come again knocking my doors. Until one fine morning, I got a call from Mr Vishal. He offered me a role in the movie “Grand Masti.” My happiness knew no bounds and I was on cloud nine. Though the role was a small one, it opened newer vistas for me.”


She plucked up a handful of advertisements assignments and endorsements for the brands of watches, jewellery and fitness gyms who were willing to pay for her face value. By this time, she had already gathered  a huge fan following on her facebook and Instagram.  She came a long way through and was also invited to judge various events in Navratri, Singing, Dance and Beauty competitions. No sooner she realized that she is a style icon and no less than a “Girl Next Door.”

She also tried her luck in modelling. To her surprise, she was a big hit. She grins,” I never realized that I had so much potential in me. The attitude of just being me and myself reflected on my face and there I was standing tall as a Show Stopper of the prestigious ADF show. Sonia had a inner calling and she participated in the State Level Boxing Competition, Gujarat. This time also luck favoured her and she triumphantly became the ‘First Gold Medallist Woman’ in the State.


She laughs,” I was determined to bring out all my energy and at once knocked down my counterpart. The best in me is yet to come.” It requires courage as boxing can give you lifetime scars on your face especially when you are modelling.

This year this ravishing lady participated in the International Drag Swags Event, Bangalore- The International Bike racing Competition. She came out to be ‘The Fastest Lady Rider.’ She yaps, “Why should have all the fun when even we can do anything.” In future she will continue to participate in these events. She’s busy these days getting interviewed about her innate abilities showing off her mind blowing willpower. Apart from this, she’s also  a fitness freak. She Learnt hard lessons of life during her boxing practice. She adds,” It was during this phase that I realized the importance of fitness and endurance and carried myself to the Gyms where I got trained, bruised and healed quickly. I strongly feel that a sportsman naturally has so many endorphins in the veins that any antidepressant  ain’t provide to overcome ‘The Bad will Patch of life.’ In future, this lovely lady be also be seen in ‘The Body Expo and MuscleMania Competition.’ With all these achievements and successes to her credit, the local BJP and Congress Party Honoured her as, ‘The Lady Inspirer.’

At 27, She is a proud woman with a crown full of feathers of achievements wearing

Flamboyantly. Her talent signifies her dignity.  She sighs,” I’m just passionate about everything I do. Its not that  women can’t do certain things. Don’t be the lady who wants a man instead be the lady who a man wants. ” Her passion for her work, her excellence and the adaptation brought in herself have toppled her to the pinnacle of every field. The consistent increase of success in her career graph is the illuminous enough to be the source of inspiration to the younger generation. It seems to be the perfect blend of passion, hard work, determination and it is the  best illustration of Women Empowerment in the 22nd century.

Whenever I encounter her, I find myself surrounded by the bundle of energy and I remember the famous lines of Invictus,

“ I thank god for my unconquerable soul;

I’m the master of my fate

and the captain of my soul”

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