Women’s Day Special

By Angelina Dash

March 08, 2017

There’s something I’ve always wanted

Not just for myself, of course, I’ll share

The stereotypical girl I am, I never asked for it

But today is Women’s Day

And I shall raise my voice, as the slogans say.

I went to my neighbourhood shop

And asked for a bottle, just a teeny tiny bottle

Of equality

Today is, after all, Women’s Day, however,

“Too expensive for you, Madam,” is all the shopkeeper can say.

The next store told the same story

The newspapers told their own stories

Of gruesome violence and unfair discrimination.

Today may be Women’s Day,

But Equality is nowhere to be seen.

As I sat on the last bus home

I remarked to a fellow passenger,

“A woman was assaulted on a similar bus.”

“Today is Women’s Day,” he said,

“Must you make such a feminist fuss?”

Women are killed and made to hang from a tree

But I must be content with my Women’s Day lunch that’ll be free

It seems like I’ll have to buy Equality at full price.

But while today may be Women’s Day

Full price for Equality might just mean my own life.