Working On My Way Back To My Old Fitness Levels After Covid Was Excruciating Says Malaika Arora

Actress Malaika Arora finds it a difficult task to regain both fitness and stamina after recovering from Covid19. And that’s why she asks for more discussion about the post-recovery stage for correct guidance.

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“Working on my way back to my old fitness levels after Covid was excruciating. Just getting out of the bed was a challenge as I lost a lot of my stamina and strength,” Shared Arora when asked about the importance of focusing on regaining and recovery of health after recovery from the virus.

The 46-year-old, who tested positive for Covid last September added, “Initially, I felt quite helpless that my body was unable to respond to working out like it used to. My first workout post-Covid was physically devastating, but I kept on pushing and trying harder regardless. With a lot of determination, grit, and hope I finally felt like myself after nearly 32 weeks from testing negative.”

She also said, for those who are struggling to recover from Covid, “Hang in there! Everything will eventually be okay, even if it doesn’t feel that way.”

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The discussion of the emergence of new variants such as Omicron refocuses on new real-life changes and related issues. But Arora believes that the need for time is to overcome fear without forgetting to take precautions.

“Having suffered from Covid myself, I can understand the overwhelming feeling of going back to normal life due to fear of the virus. I was fortunate enough to get through it with no complications and minimal suffering, thanks to my doctors and the endless support of my friends and family,” She added that she started with a small step.

Talking about her recovery phase, Arora says, “I’d go for short runs to see how my body will respond and slowly incorporated yoga, breathing exercises, and sitting in the sun, which helped my recovery massively. It’s a slow and steady road but I guess we all will have to adapt.”

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Arora, who is also a working mother also opens up about her career choices. “I’ve donned multiple hats in my decade-long career, from acting to launching my own business, which was a delicate balance to strike while raising my son,” she tells us.

And being a working mom, she admits having found a lot of support from loved ones and well-wishers. “I’m glad to see that our society is progressing by the day, encouraging, and accepting women along with their choices than ever before, but the road ahead is a long one when it comes to changing age-old stereotypes around women and accepting their individuality, their choices, but I have a lot of hope for the coming generations,” she ends.

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