Working Out During Menstruation: The Best Exercises To Perform During Your Periods

Periods can never be an excuse to skip working out during menstrual days. Regular exercising is good for the body. The doubtful question that most women have is –” should you exercise while on your periods or not?”

Periods should never be an excuse to skip working out during your menstrual days. Regular exercising is good for the body. Exercising not only helps in making the menstrual cycle regular but also helps in reducing some irregular symptoms during the period.

However, undertaking high-intensity exercises can be challenging for our uterus and may affect the endometrial lining. But, a few simple workouts can be counted on for better health and active metabolism –


Cardiovascular exercise like walking or running is the best exercise one can do during their periods. A simple, light walk for 30 minutes a day is beneficial during menstruation. These light movements will increase the secretion of endorphin. This in return helps in uplifting mood, while burning some of the calories.


Yoga is a practice that is great for your physical and mental well being. Regular practice helps to decrease anxiety, anger and depression. Stretching and some breathing exercises associated with Yoga helps to relax mood and body. It also helps to relieve period symptoms such as cramps and bloating.


Pilates is a new and trending workout. It is like Yoga- a more gentle and at-your-own-pace activity that helps to relax your body and stay healthy. Pilate targets specific muscle groups and helps builds core strength. Deep breathing along with Pilates helps in easing menstrual cramp pain and relieving symptoms of PMS.


While one may have their apprehensions to get into the water when they are on their periods, but swimming is one of the most relaxing and gentle exercises that helps to reduce cramps and increase blood flow to the body.


If one is not able to do other forms of exercises, they can simply take up some form of stretching, freehand exercises at home such as forward bend, twists, etc. Deep breaths are mandatory to help one relax their body muscles.

On a careful note!! Exercising during menstruation can help relieve symptoms. It is also beneficial for overall health. What is important is to choose exercises that do not cause any discomfort, add any additional stress on the body or interfere with the normal process of your menstrual cycle. If it does, one can consult their doctor and fitness expert to take the necessary measures.


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