His name is Qizai and is seven years old. He lives in Foping Panda Valley in Shaanxi province, China and is a very happy panda. His owner is He Xin, who is a Foping resident and takes care of Qizai every single day.

Life wasn’t easy for Qizai in his initial years. He was abandoned and bullied by the other Pandas. (I never thought Pandas could act as bullies too) But luckily, he was rescued by experts when he was 2 years old. Ever since, He Xin has been taking good care of him.
He is the world’s only living Panda with brown and white fur. Since 1985, 5 other brown Pandas have been spotted but none of them lived as healthy and long as Qizai. But Qizai is a bit slower than rest of the Pandas. He Xin says that unlike other Pandas who come running after he calls their name, Qinzai takes a lot of time to process the information and respond to it.

He is also a slow eater than all other pandas he lives with. He is slow but he eats 44 pounds of Bamboo every day. “He is slower than other Pandas but he is also cuter,” says He Xin. He wakes up at 6am in the morning every day and works 18 hours every day to take care of Qinzai.

By the way, Qinzai is absolutely healthy now and weighs 100 kgs, which is perfect for a seven years old panda.

You are cuteness personifies, Qinzai! You are louve!

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