What is wrong with the journalists? These insensitive videos will leave you shocked

By admin

September 14, 2017

The recent Ryan International School case has stunned the entire nation. The murder of a seven-year-old child at the school has put the school staff to question and nothing much has come forth in the last few days. Meanwhile, media houses are giving exclusive coverage to the news.

But it looks like some journalists have got over basic ethics and taking their work in an altogether different way. Wherein one journalist kept showing blood stains through the coverage, the other one did something that literally shocked us.

Don’t know how insensitive can journalists be. Instead of showing any development in the case, they kept showing irrelevant footage from the school. The one from Republic TV took off the mic from Mr. Thakur (father of Praduman Thakur) while he was giving an interview to therival channels. Here is the video. You will be shocked to see this woman’s behaviour.

Looks like people have become really insensitive in this reporting business. Really sad and shocking!