Yet Another Actress Accused Of Fake ID For Vaccination

Just a few days back Actress Meera Chopra was accused by a BJP Leader of creating a fake identification to take the  Covid-19 vaccine. While a report was filed to investigate the same, the actress maintained her innocence. However, joining Actress Meera Chopra in the same light,  Actress Saumya Tandon whose acting career took off from the sets of Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain was accused of using a fake id to procure a Covid -19 vaccination.  Saumya Tandon

The accusations began from a Twitter feed. A picture was uploaded with the actress’s photo attached to an identity card. The card was further marked as an admin card for Om Sai Arogya Care, which would fall under the section of frontline workers. 


The actress tweeted back stating the identity card was ‘fake’. Adding to the discussion, Actress Saumya Tandon in a text conversation with Indian Express stated, “ Anyone can make such IDs using my passport picture that’s available on Google images”. The actress also took to social media to say she had taken the first vaccination following appropriate protocol in a center near her residence. 

While the Actress could have taken action against the creation of a fake identification card, she was left helpless. The card simply had her picture along with the fake title and no stamp. If there had been a stamp, the Saumya Tandon would be well within her rights to file a complaint against the organization. 

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