Does your back pain because of standing or sitting for extend periods of time? Do this stretching yoga practice at whatever time or place and be free from back torment in only 10 minutes with All Direction Stretch.

How To Do The Back Stretching Exercises?

You can calmly practice this yoga postures for back pain at anyplace as a piece of office yoga on your seat or any other work area, during travelling, before your TV , early in the morning on your bed, in a 10 min break or on the yoga tangle.

Sit easily in Sukh asana (leg over leg posture). Hold your back straight and shoulders loose and keep  smile on your face for best results. On the off chance that you like to practice these yoga postures while standing, keep your feet corresponding.



Extending The Spine

  1. Inhaling, gradually lift your arms up from the sides.
  2. Interlace your fingers so that the thumbs touch each other tenderly.
  3. Stretch up as much as you can with no trouble. Keep your elbows straight and be sure that your arms touch your ears.
  4. Hold this position for 2 minutes


Stretch and twist your back

  1. Gently pull the navel inward.
  2. Screwing The Spine – right to left and left to right
  3. Your fingers keep on remaining joined over your head.
  4. Exhaling, delicately turn to one side. Stay in this position for 1 minute .
  5. Inhale, return to the middle.
  6. Exhale, swing to other side and again hold this position for 1 minute .
  7. Inhale and come back to the middle.


Bowing The Spine Right and Left

  1. Your fingers keep on remaining intertwined over your head.
  2. Exhale and a bit bow to the correct side. Hold and continue relaxing.
  3. Take a deep breath and return to the middle.
  4. Exhale and curve a little to one side. Be sure that you are not bowing to the front or back, and one hand is not extended more than the other.
  5. Inhale and, return to the normal position.


Bending The Back Forward and Backward

  1. Exhale and extend your hands to the front.
  2. Inhale and as you now inhale out, bend forward from your lower back.
  3. Inhale and as you breathe out, swing to your right hand side. Be sure that both the hands are parallel to each other and extended similarly, else carefully redress the posture.
  4. Come back to the normal position.
  5. Breath in and repeat the extend, swinging to one side.
  6. Return to the middle as you take in, and gradually bring your arms up.
  7. Unlock the fingers and extend back.
  8. Inhale and return to the middle. As you breathe out, gradually bring your arms down from the sides.

Bending The Spine

Curving The Spine From Side-to-Side .

  1. Keep your left palm on your correct knee.
  2. Take a full breath in and as you breathe out, gradually bend to your right hand side. You may keep the right hand on the floor close to your right side hip.
  3. Stretch upward by holding the correct palm on the floor. Try not to tilt back or forward.
  4. Inhale and come back to the middle.
  5. Exhale and repeat the extend on the left side. Keep your right palm to your left side knee and left palm on the floor. Keep in mind to hold your back straight and erect.
  6. Keep breathing .
  7. Change your leg over leg position. On the off chance that your correct leg was set over the left, now put the left leg over the privilege and repeat the extend as told above to one side and left sides .

Advantages of All Direction Back Exercises

  • Helps to improve the body performance .
  • Relief from back ache .
  • Strengthens the back and muscular strength .
  • Completely unwinds the tired back .
  • Good approach to warm up the body before rehearsing other yoga postures .
  • Helps open up the lungs with the goal that they can be utilized to their full limit .

Gives a decent back rub to the lower back ones in week at least for best results.

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