You are Strong, Worthy and Resilient

Sometimes, we need to ask ourselves, How are you doing?
We all know how to respond to this question often asked by others, and we eventually respond, I’m doing fine, what about you? But here’s a catch, How are you, really?

We’re aware of the war inside us, and we know it is doing no good. However, we don’t know the exact answer because we don’t want to how we really are.

Depression Symptoms

We let too many thoughts tangle our minds, putting too much load on ourselves. We can’t think because of the overwhelmed, overloaded feeling we have been suppressing within us. These feelings make you clueless and frustrating as we cannot solve them, blocking our minds with negative thoughts and tongue heavy for us to speak.

These mixed emotions keep us disconnected from ourselves and our loved ones. Our brain acts as a defensive mechanism, shutting off to protect us whenever we experience anything awful. Keeping us away and disconnected from the world.

3 Tips for Better Mental Health

It may be nearly impossible to find joy in anything, but you have to get your day started. Start thanking yourself for being with you and keeping yourself together, not letting you fall. Be grateful for the things you have around you. It’s OK to lose yourself sometimes but get up and continue your day with a smile that you’ve made it so far.

Healthy Mental Health is Important

Treat yourself as you’ve always wanted to be treated because you need to fall in love with yourself before wanting someone to love you. THANKFULNESS, FORGIVENESS, AND ACCEPTANCE should be your mantra.

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