You Only Need To Do These 3 Things To Lose Weight

Are you fed up with the “fad” diet trends that surface the web every now and then? Do you struggle to keep up with Keto diet or Vegan diet? If weight loss is your agenda but you are not willing to give up food to lose some kilos, you are at the right place, my friend.

Most people struggle with weight loss. They start out by cutting-off certain foods from their diet in the hopes that it’ll lead to them shedding a few kilos. But more often than not, they end up feeling tired, irritable and dissatisfied. This happens because while going on a strict diet that eliminates many food groups, we deny our body the nutrients that it needs to function normally.

Moreover, does weight loss really has to feel like a punishment? No, definitely not!

So, in order to help you out of the never-ending labyrinth of weight-loss, we have an easy way out for you. These are what you can call ‘three golden rules of weight loss’.

1. Break-up With Sugar

There’s is not a single doubt in the fact that consuming excess sugar causes obesity. So it only makes sense if you eliminate it from your diet. Hence, you need to break-up with sugar and sugar-laden foods ASAP. Excess sugar consumption can do more harm than just making you obese. Acne, heart disease, diabetes, depression, early ageing and even cancer are other health risks that sugar puts you to.

2. Make Whole Foods Your BFFs

If one thing that should top your actual food intake, it’s Whole foods. By definition, whole foods are those that are not processed much and are as close to their natural form as possible. What all foods are included in the Whole Foods category, you ask? Fruits, vegetables, lentils, grains, seeds, nuts, beans, eggs, chicken etc. Whole foods are rich in fibre, which is one of the most essential elements for weight loss. Fibre makes you feel full for longer. However, it is also pertinent to note here that you need to avoid processed foods as much as you can. That means goodbye to potato chips, cookies, ice cream and such.  

3. Patch-Up With Veggies

For most of us, vegetables are like our frenemies. In a way that we dislike veggies but also know that we have to put up with them. But it’s time to patch up with them because turns out your mother was right all along. Vegetables are a powerhouse of health and nutrients and indispensable in our diet. The reason is simple. Vegetables are low in calories but they provide immense levels of energy and nutrition to the body. If you aren’t a keen admirer of vegetables, start by adding loads of veggies to the dishes you love. One thing to note here that instead of buying fancy imported vegetables, you should in fact feast on locally produces seasonal vegetables.


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