Ways to stay young and look beautiful.
By Valsala Menon
On your good days, anyway, you feel younger than you look. Have you ever caught yourself glancing in the mirror at a shop, wondering if that’s your mom? Even though we are getting older, it doesn’t necessarily have to show. The trick is to know the markers of youthfulness.
stay young and look beautiful.

A gleam in your eye: Liner and mascara not only create a contrast between the eyes and skin, but also help the eyes to appear larger. Trace an Espresso brown or smoky grey pencil as close to the upper lash roots as possible, to make the base of the lashes look denser.

gleam in your eye

Arch support: To enhance brows, use a dry pencil instead of a creamy one since it adheres better to skin. You can make it lighter or darker depending on how much pressure you apply. Use short fine strokes, fill in any sparse patches, and then comb  lightly through with a brush.

Finishing touch: Mask complexion concerns with either a tinted moisturizer, or a heavier full coverage foundation. Whatever you choose, if your goal is to appear youthful, it’s really important to stay away from powders. If you want your skin to have a dewy finish, begin by applying a liquid or a cream with a brush at the center of your face, under the eyes, and around the sides of the nose and mouth. That is usually where the color is most uneven. Work out towards the perimeter with your brush. Go over any blemishes with a more opaque concealer, using a stippling motion with your fingertips.

Cheek chic: Mimic full flushed cheeks by dabbing cream blush directly on the apple of your cheeks. The effect should be like you have pinched your cheeks to bring the blood flow back.

Finishing touch

Smart mouth: All you need for gorgeous lips is just a liner and tinted balm. For both, choose a colour two shades darker than your natural lip colour. Fill in lips with pencil, and then coat with tinted balm.

To keep your teeth as white as possible, limit your consumption of staining beverages like tea, cola and red wine which penetrate the enamel, and eat fruits and veggies high in fibre such as apples and raw carrots which clean teeth’s surface naturally.

Bone straight: As we age, our bone mass inevitably decreases. The spine becomes compressed and we lose height. One of the most effective ways to maintain strong bones is to go in for weight-bearing exercises like squats, weightlifting and jogging. Strengthening your core muscles through activities such as Pilates and yoga can improve posture and balance. Poor posture can worsen spinal compression. The next time you find yourself slouching, try this. Stand up straight with your shoulders pulled back and your stomach tucked in. Avoid tilting your head forward or backward, keep your knees slightly bent and balance your weight equally on both feet. Feel the difference and look good.

Smart mouth

Crowning jewel: Lustrous hair is linked to good health, fertility and femininity. After 40, the goal is to restore the universal indicators of beauty-shine, smoothness, luminosity and volume. Hair color is less important when it comes to communicating vitality.

Help for thin strands starts in the shower with a thickening shampoo and conditioner. While the hair is wet, add a voluminous spray from roots to ends. Blow-dry your hair away from your hair to give it a swing. Movement is really important. It makes your hair look full and stylish. Avoid over shampooing and excessive blow-drying, which strip the hair shaft, making it look dull and ragged.

Try a weekly deep conditioner to help replenish lost moisture and to stave off breakage. On dry hair, apply a shine spray from the shaft to the ends. If you decide to color your hair, the key is to mix in highlights a couple of shades lighter to give it dimension. Completely silver hair looks gorgeous when the cut is modern and bouncy.

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