“Your Country Did Not Help Us, We Will Not Help You”, Say Ukrainian Authorities As They Beat Indian Students

The Indian government is working tirelessly to evacuate students stuck in Ukraine in this ongoing war. Around 450 students have been evacuated so far.

However, recent videos and photos suggest Ukrainian officials are subjecting their anger to Indian students. Many videos are surfacing up on social media where students are complaining that they are being ‘beaten and kicked’ by Ukrainian authorities.

As Indian citizens reached the Polish border after walking miles for hours, they had to face a hostage-like situation when Polish authorities turned their back on them. “When your government has not cooperated with us, why should we cooperate with you”, they said.

In a video, we can see Angel, an Indian Malayali student being kicked. Angel and her friend also said how police tried to ram them into a group of students. “They don’t care about us”, they said. “This is too bad, this is not the way that the Ukraine government or military should treat foreign citizens. This is not how we expect help,” she said.

Shana Shaji of Kerala talked about how they were left with no food in a bunker. Metro stations are being used as bunkers as people are being cut off from the outside world, their phone batteries dying. She can be seen saying, “When I entered the metro station. I thought I would be evacuated soon but it has been three days”. Shaji added, “We don’t have food supplies. What will we do now? No ATM is dispensing cash”.

As Russia is all set to launch a full attack, many countries since a world war approaching.

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