Your Parents Taught You To Walk, Now It’s Your Turn, Says Sonu Sood While Revealing His Next Project Of Knee Replacement For The Aged

The actor who is known for his villainous role, Sonu Sood has turned out to be the Indian hero of 2020. He has shown his generosity to many migrant labors and proved himself as a masihah for the poor and the needy. Sonu’s next big project is to facilitate optimum knee-replacement surgeries among the aged.

He thinks that it is a neglected area of the medical field. The actor believes that one must not overlook any minor issue until it becomes life threatening. He says “It is felt that the aged don’t need medical attention unless it’s a life-threatening illness. People tell me, ‘Why  concentrate on  knee replacement for the old when you can use the same resources for heart operations of babies?’ But my logic is simple: your parents taught  you to walk when you were a toddler, now  it’s your turn to make sure they can walk.”

Sonu feels that the aged are often to blame for their plight and so he wishes to make them independent again and give them a life with a new hope. “It’s not as though all children are  insensitive to their parents’ needs. They do come forward  to offer knee surgery when their parents need it. Often it is the parents who dissuade their children from using money for their surgery. The  children ask a few times and  then use the money for other needs. That’s how the aged are neglected.  I want to optimize  knee surgery for the aged.  They shouldn’t feel they are a  useless neglected part of our society.In 2021 I want to make knee-transplant surgery my  priority.” Dabangg actor states.

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