Zareen Khan Told That She Can’t Be A Monkey On Salman Khan’s Back And Bother Him For Small Things: Deets Inside!!!

Zaren Khan made her Bollywood debut opposite Salman Khan in the year 2010 With the film ‘Veer’. It has been almost 12 years of actor Zareen Khan in the Hindi film industry and entertainment industry.

There have been constant rumors that Salman is helping her in her career. In a recent interview, Zareen spoke openly about the assumption that the superstar still helps her in her career.

Recently, Zareen Khan admitted that she is grateful to him for launching her in Bollywood and giving her the opportunity. She told that without Salman Khan, it won’t be possible for her to enter the industry . He gave me entry into the industry.

Zareen Khan further said, “my real struggle started when I became a part of the Hindi Film industry because then I did not know anything. Salman is a wonderful person but also a busy man. Salman is a friend and just a phone call away but I don’t want to bother him. I can’t be the monkey on his back and bother him for small things or ask him for help”.

She added that a lot of people, even today, think that whatever work she gets, it is because of him and that’s not true at all. She still feels that she can be replaceable after so many years in the industry. Further adding to her statement, she mentioned that according to her she has always been very satisfied in her place and has never been part of any race.

Looking back on her journey, Khan realized that people may have misunderstood her as an arrogant person. She told that her father left her and after that, she was the one who had to take the responsibility of looking after her family financially. There is no one to help or guide her. She added that there were times when she was intimidated and many took it as arrogance and she felt lost in the industry.

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