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Zarine Khan— Thodisi Khan-Nawaazi Ho Jaye

By sudha.hariharan

December 27, 2016

Sumptuously rich, elaborate spreads and luxurious ambience –parties thrown by celebrities always become talk of the town but only few get the credit of serving mouth-watering, home cooked food, always. This ‘Khan’ family  is  a hit across the Bombay film  and social circuit with their age old biryanis, kebabs and Parsi food. If you are a foodie, you must be on to some of the spices and secrets Zarine Khan, wife of Sanjay Khan,shares on her show Spices & Secrets with Zarine Khan. A tete-a-tete with the lady:

  Culinary experiences

My earliest memories of food are those at my grandmother’s magnificent dining table, where my big Parsi family would dine together each night and exchange stories about our day. My recipes and techniques are influenced heavily by her as well as my mother-in-law, under the guidance of whom I ventured into cooking. I would take down notes on scraps of paper while my mother-in-law cooked, and later replicate them.

Life as a Bollywood wife

It’s been quite an eventful journey, with a lot of happiness as well as ups-and-downs, but with our never-say-die attitude, we have managed to overcome all our bad times. Being a Bollywood wife is not an easy job and it comes with a lot of hardships and sacrifices. You have to be  brave and be a woman of strength. Nothing in life ever comes easy and I have reached where I am today because of my strong will power. My family is very strong willed, which is the reason we have all succeeded in our endeavours.

Raising a family in the film industry

I think I have done a good job of raising my kids. Bringing up four children even out of the limelight is not an easy job, but I think I’ve pulled it off, as all my children are good and kind, successful yet very rooted and still very bonded with their family. All in all, I have loved being a Bollywood wife and I think God has been very kind to us in our journey. Being a known family comes with its share of perks as well. A few years ago, when my daughter had lost her passport in Italy, the embassy official had been reading a issue of Stardust the same day, which had featured our family and helped us out very promptly!

Experience of hosting prominent personalities:

I have one very hilarious memory that comes to mind, from when I was hosting the Prime Minister of  Mauritius, who’s a dear friend of the family. It was a sit-down dinner with the rest of our family and, I while I have a team of stewards who always serve our guests, Anthony, who has been with my family for the longest time and has now grown old, was asked to refrain from serving that night, since his hands had started trembling since quite some time while he served. But old habits die hard and Anthony could not stop himself from bringing out the food at the dinner. While he managed to serve the Prime Minister perfectly well, by the time he reached the other end of the table, where my sister-in-law was seated, his hands were tired of holding up the massive dishes. And much to my dismay, as he was serving my sister-in-law, he spilled a plateful of gravy all over my sister-in-law’s beautiful hair. Thankfully, she graciously laughed it off, cleaned herself up and the party went on uninterrupted, but that incident makes us laugh even today.

Her foray into television and anecdotes from her debut show

Earlier this year, my book was awarded the ‘Best Book of the Year’ in its category at the Gourmet Awards, following which I was offered ‘Spices & Secrets with Zarine Khan’ by Living Foodz. I personally love the channel and thought it was an amazing opportunity to bring to life the recipes I have perfected over the years. My guests on the show are close friends and family who have dined at my home and loved my food for many years. The show has a very special, personal touch to it because it’s not just about the food, it’s also about the memories me and my guests share over the food.

It gave me the opportunity to relive some very cherished memories with my friends and family, while also uncovering some secrets about them. One incident that comes to mind is when my son Zayed and one of his best friends Riteish Deshmukh were on the show and sharing stories about their movie Fight Club. While the movie had a big group of well-built hunks, Riteish was the only skinny little boy amidst them and as a result was never given a chance to fight on screen. He finally managed to convince his director to give him a fighting scene and when he started to give his shot, he suffered a sunstroke and fainted. So instead of proving his mettle as the tough guy, he ended up being carried back to his trailer, with Zayed rubbing his feet, someone fanning him and bringing him water