It is important to know your partner’s innate traits to lead a healthy relationship. And his/her zodiac sign can without any doubt reveal a lot about the same! People of each zodiac sign respond to love, romance and commitment differently. So if you are dating or planning to get into a relationship, here we chalk out how each sign reacts to love and commitment issues.


  1. Aries: Arians believe in celebrating and having fun in life! And they want the same for their relationships too. They can’t just deal with a monotonous relationship. From planning parties to unplanned vacations – love life with an Aries partner is super exciting.
  2. Taurus: It is not easy to impress a Taurean. They tend to be very careful with relationship but when they get into one, they are super passionate.  But it only happens after they are 100% sure of it.
  3. Gemini: Geminis are the most confused and inconsistent people. So never believe their first reaction! Like if you say ‘I love you’, they might instantly reject or say a loving yes – but don’t be surprised if they come to you with changed mind, a few days later!
  4. Cancer: When it comes to love, Cancerians are intense and passionate. They do not believe in short lived flings, rather always prefer long relationships.  So yes, when they love, they do it deeply, but only after being certain about the person’s feelings.
  5. Leo: Leos are attention seekers and tend to dominate in relationships. They are fond of themselves and want everyone else to love them. They love to fall in love. If you are head over heels in love with a Leo, a great love life is ahead! 😉
  6. Virgo: Do not expect them to open up about their feelings easily! They are emotionally very strong and tend to keep their emotions to themselves. Even if they have a thing for you, do not expect to confess quickly.
  7. LIbra: Say indecisive people, and you have Librans! They just never know what they really want in love. Commitment confuses them too. But hey, once they make up their minds, they make the bestest partners ever. <3
  8. Scorpion: Falling in love with them is the beginning of a life full of disappointments. They are the most difficult to handle and cold people. Commitment is not at all their cup of tea. It is “just too soon” for them, always! :p
  9. Sagittarius: When in relationship, they leave no stone unturned to shower their partner with oodles of love. Life with Sagittarians is full of laughter, happy moments and craziness.
  10. Capricorn: You don’t know possessiveness if you haven’t ever dated a Capricorn. But they are also the most compassionate ones.
  11. Aquarius: Their high level rationality often kills the vibe of love. At times, they end up being so logical that they consider you an emotionally weak person if you confess your love to them.
  12. Pisces: For a Piscean, partner should first be their friend.  They expect a level of understanding and comfort with their partner, with whom they can share their crazy and fun side –  which is only possible between best friends.

Do you and your partner also react the same way?

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