Aries (Explode)

Your strong and assertive personality gets in a bad mood when forced to do something you hate. Being a very spontaneous person and hating monotony, you find it annoying to do boring tasks. Also not being the centre of attraction irks you to no end, so you get:

  • Frustrated, need to vent their feelings, usually by breaking something.
  • Bossy, want things to go their way
  • Jealous and possessive
  • Rude, find faults in everything and get angry easily
  • Insult other people
  • Give in to things that are bad for you and regret it later

This anger of yours is short lived and then you manage to cool down just as easily as you get riled up.

A Sagittarius is the first person you call after a bad day.

Taurus (feel anxious and insecure)

 You hate drastic changes and prefer to keep everything planned to the point. Stability and security is what you strive for, someone moving or touching your things puts you out of your comfort zone.  So you turn:

  • Overtly sensitive to what people say
  • Very cautious, feel like people have bad intent
  • Stubborn, hard to talk to
  • Unmotivated
  • Want to be on your own
  • Do not take responsibility
  • Take the easy way out  by ignoring the problem

You call up a Capricorn after a bad day. 

Gemini (feel overwhelmed and lost) 

Allergic to boredom, you are restless and prefer to move from one task to another. If you feel trapped doing one thing, underappreciated and have no one to talk to you become:

  • Judgemental and don’t care
  • Can’t find motivation
  • Feel hopeless and depressed
  • Stress and over think  about every thing
  • Unresponsive and moody
  • Malicious, argumentative, sarcastic

 The first person you call up after a bad day is a Libra. 

Cancer (feel alone in spite of being surrounded by people) 

You are a moody person who has a tendency to get annoyed easily and are not very optimistic so anything can set you off, be it bad traffic or your phone battery dying and you become:

  • Passive aggressive
  • Uncommunicative, want to be left alone
  • Can be very mean, brutally honest
  • Also prone to giving back handed compliments
  • Feel everyone is against you
  • Out of touch with your emotions, get annoyed easily
  • Feel misunderstood and struggle to find people you can relate to
  • Leading to isolation even with a lot of people  around

But your moody nature means you bounce back pretty easily

 The person you call up after a bad day is Pisces.

Leo (unsure of themselves)

 You are the life of the party and impress every one with your unmatched confidence. Also a fan of getting your ego stroked, you get insecure when someone doesn’t compliment you on something good about you or criticises you. Then you get:

  • Very self critical, feel as if you can’t do anything right
  • Start to question your actions or decisions
  • Aggressive and might provoke other people too
  • Waste your energy
  • Cold hearted and distant
  • Dramatize everything
  • Don’t listen to other people.

After a bad day you like to call up a Libra

Virgo (critical of others) 

You are a complete neat freak and super organised, it annoys the crap out of you when someone meddles in your work and messes it up. You also feel hurt when you feel like you are not being appreciated by the ones you love.

  • Critical of others
  • Indulge in self pity
  • Lazy,  put off  important things
  • Overly sarcastic with a bad attitude
  • Over think everything
  • Suffocate other people

You call up a Taurus after a bad day

Libra (retreat inwards) 

You are a peace loving and diplomatic person hence act as a mediator in fights but if people around refuse to follow logic. Or if someone behaves unfairly towards you, you get:

  • Melodramatic and very sensitive
  • Self doubting
  • Retreat inwards, ignoring other people
  • Lash out at random people
  • Taunt others maliciously
  • Manipulative

When having a bad day you call up your music buddy Aquarius.

 Scorpio (Vindictive and cold)

 You hate being left out of secrets and will do everything to find out what it is. Suspicious by nature you feel like everyone is trying to wrong you and if they are, you turn: 

  • Manipulative and revengeful
  • Unreasonable
  • Obsessive
  • Act coldly towards  them
  • Fluctuating emotions

 The first person you call up after a bad day is Cancer or Pisces. 


You crave adventure and are a wanderer who refuses to be tied down. Intense emotions and fake friends rattle your nerves. Impulsiveness runs in your blood and you can’t sit still so it exasperates you when someone tries to cage you in or makes you do things their way, that is when you turn 

  • Argumentative, make big fuss over small issues
  • Unforgiving
  • Tactless and reckless, don’t care about anything
  • Don’t care for others feelings
  • Feel like everything is about them

 You call up a Gemini or Aries after a bad day.

 Capricorn (feel exhausted) 

Some people describe you as boring, but what do they know, you are in fact methodical and do not give up till you finish. You follow this aloof and methodical approach to revenge and find it hard to forgive people who hurt you. If someone disrupts your painstakingly drawn out plans or routine then you:

  • Become a jerk, snobby and bossy
  • Anything and everything annoys you
  • Want to be left alone
  • Feel hopeless and attacked
  • Detached and zoned out

You call a Scorpio or Virgo after a bad day.                       

Aquarius (Clam up)

 You often feel misunderstood by even the people closest to you. You are an opinionated and open minded person and it annoys you when other people are intolerant, small minded and do not agree with your way of thinking, but you are not one to create a scene so you become:

  • Extremely detached, want to be left alone
  • Guarded, do not want to share your thoughts with anyone
  • Act desperately
  • Say things that sting a lot
  • Start thinking illogically

You tend to call an Aries or Gemini after a bad day.

Pisces (feel like their life is in pieces)

 Your gentle dreamer soul gets shattered when someone undermines your ideas. You need a lot of emotional stability so when you find other people ignoring, all your thoughts turn negative and you feel alone which is why you get:

  • Clingy
  • Self destructive and indulge in self pity
  • Lost
  • Take things to extreme
  • Hide away from problems
  • Get influenced easily

After a long bad day the first person you call is a Cancer.

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